How does a PSA generator work?
N2 Nitrogen Generators

The new M-S-D Series Nitrogen Generators are the latest evolution from traditional PSA (pressure swing adsorption) systems and allow you to produce nitrogen continuously from compressed air.

The M-S-D Series Nitrogen Generators consist of one or more modules of two columns filled with the highest quality molecular sieves of extremely fine porosity offering high performance and selectivity.

The compressed, dried and filtered air passes through one of the two filtering columns, which retains oxygen, residual water vapour, and other rare gases. When the filtering column is saturated with oxygen, it is depressurized by discharging the oxygen into the air. At the same time the compressed air is diverted to the other column, where the oxygen is surrended until the next change. This cycle will continue uninterruptedly in order to fill a storage tank, which acts as a buffer to absorb any peak of demand and to ensure the continuous supply of nitrogen to the process. When the tank reaches the maximum fill pressure, the generator is automatically put into stand-by mode, in anticipation of a new demand for gas.