Industry Division

On-site nitrogen, affordable and sustainable productivity

Isolcell's nitrogen generators for Industrial applications

Isolcell Industry Division was born at the beginning of the 2000s to meet the specific needs of on-site nitrogen production, which were already common at the time within the fruit storage sector. These needs were just developing within a variety of industrial applications.

Since then we have continued designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable Nitrogen Generators for Industrial applications, pushing a sustainable and shared development on a worldwide scale, through a dynamic and responsible service, at complete clients’ disposal.

Isolcell Sales Network

Isolcell Industry in Italy

Isolcell Sales Network in Italy counts on agents and distributors reaching the entire territory.

The sales structure through local distributors allows clients to have a dedicated support to satisfy any need in a short time and with efficiency and effectiveness.
In addition to that, on the entire National territory we rely on specialized distributors for sectors such as Oenology, Electronics, Laser Cutting etc…

Isolcell Industry worldwide

Isolcell is part of the nitrogen generators International market for industrial applications thanks to several agents and distributors in multiple Countries.

Service pre and post sales

Site Inspections

Inspections for the verification of the production plant (machines needing nitrogen supply), of the ancillary components (compressed air) and of the suitability of the premises where our system will be installed.

Feasibility Study

Technical, economic and financial analysis with budget estimates and evaluation of the economic advantage of the investment.


Information, offers and advice related to on-site nitrogen production plants suitable for any industrial application. Send an e-mail to:

Transport and Installation

Design and construction of plants for the production of nitrogen and related compressed air supply. Installation of nitrogen distribution networks for the connection of the various utilities.

Regulations Compliance

Support for the presentation to INAIL-ASL of the commissioning declaration or the plant verification request. Declaration of food compatibility of nitrogen produced by our nitrogen generators and release of documentation related to possible analyzes on the purity of inert gas.


Thanks to NITROCOM Web Server 4.0 provided with WEB APP you can monitor your plant everywhere and from every remote device (regardless of operative system), with integrated remote system diagnostic, alarm system detection, basic assistance and software update. Compatible with MODBUS TCP/IP connection available to retrieve information from the machines in your company MES/SCADA system.


Periodic and scheduled maintenance of the nitrogen generator and relevant protection filters. O2 Analyzer checks with calibration and replacement, if needed, of the analysis sensor. Send a mail to: