Nitrogen for oenology

Oenology N2 Generators

A shield against oxydation

Nitrogen is mostly used in winemaking to prevent wine oxidising, which is a cause of a deterioration of quality, involving changes in colour, aroma and flavour. In winemaking, the technique of inert wine storage tanks rapidly spread, in order to reduce the amount of oxygen in contact with the product, by injecting gaseous nitrogen.

The importance and advantage of having available on-site generated nitrogen

In cellars, the approach to the use of on-site produced nitrogen happened gradually, to satisfy the increasing demand from innovations with gas injection at bottling. World-wide there is rapid movement towards nitrogen generators replacing the traditional nitrogen production systems, such as bottles or liquid gas, due to the advantages derived from the convenience and cheapness of this system. The key of the success of the nitrogen generator is that by simply switching on the machine, all nitrogen needed can be produced on site, in complete safety, at the desired purity and definitely at lower cost compared to other supply systems.

Nitrogen generators for the wine industry