Nitrocom Webserver

Remote data viewer

Nitrocom is a remote data viewer

It allows you to take the data collected by Isolcell Nitrogen generators in real time (via CAN or RS485)

Nitrocom is a remote viewer, also called webserver, able to take in real time (via CAN or RS485) the data collected by Isolcell nitrogen generators and make them available to the customer in two ways: the first through the industrial standard MODBUS TCP/IP with which the customer can acquire and use the data in their MES/SCADA system, the second viewing the parameters conveniently on our WEB APP Isolcell from any remote device. NITROCOM is based on the latest generation ARM processor, ensuring very low power consumption and 24-hour continuous operation. It has been designed following the guidelines of Industry 4.0 and the construction requirements to operate in harsh industrial environments. Thanks to the Cloud service based on Amazon AWS servers, the system guarantees high security of data viewable through WEB APP as well as password protection with the latest generation of two-factor authentication. 

This Webserver has been developed to meet the needs of visualizing the operating parameters of Isolcell nitrogen generators and remotely control them according to the customer needs.

Device updates are available remotely using the WEB APP (requires Internet connection).

Nitrocom allows you to:


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