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Nitrogen for map (modified atmosphere packaging) with Isolcell Industry Nitrogen Generators

Redimpex Group is one of the biggest growing and only flexible packaging manufacturing company in Egypt. The wide network of operations of total packaging solutions are organized around business sectors like food industry, tea, coffee, spices, bakery, confectionary, oils, medical blister foil strips, suppositories, and in certain other non-food applications such as household detergents, health and personal care, soaps, and shampoos.

Nitrogen plant features:


The addressed requirements

The customer needed a reliable turnkey , plug and play plant for nitrogen production, suitable for transportation  and capable of producing food grade Nitrogen (E941) in order to utilise it in its MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) food industry process. MAP is the practice of manipulating the atmosphere inside packaging containing perishable foods (for example, meat,cheese ,fish, pasta, pizza….). These foods are commonly packaged with oxygen, which is removed via MAP through a gaseous mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The goal of the process is to increase the shelf life of the product contained within.

Isolcell Industry Nitrogen producing container plant: the convenient and economical solution

In September 2023, we delivered and installed this new plant capable of generating a nitrogen flow rate of 109 M3/h, at 99,5% nitrogen purity grade, thanks to one of our ISOLCELL D7 NITROGEN GENERATORS.


Start-up of a new plant for the production of food-grade nitrogen.