Caffè Borbone

Client: Caffè Borbone

Caivano – Naples Plant

Isolcell Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen for packaging coffee capsules

Founded over 20 years ago by Massimo Renda, Caffè Borbone is the third largest producer of single-serve coffee capsules and pods, after Lavazza and Nespresso. Currently, their production is centered in the Caivano plant, a modern facility covering over 13,000 square meters where 5 coffee roasting lines enable the annual production of about 10,000 tonnes of coffee.

Nitrogen plant features:


The requirements addressed

Caffè Borbone is one of the leading manufacturers of coffee pods and capsules. In the pods, the coffee is enclosed in a paper filter made of cellulose. Since the pods are not otherwise protected, they are packaged in a protective atmosphere to retain their aroma. In the capsules, instead, the coffee is enclosed in a plastic or aluminum casing which preserves and retains the aromas. During packaging, nitrogen is injected into the capsules to remove oxygen.

Isolcell Nitrogen Generator the economical and safe solution

In May 2012, after having purchased a nitrogen generator from one of our competitors, Aromatika, a member of the Caffè Borbone group, decided to upgrade its plant by purchasing one of our generators capable of producing about 50 Nm3/h of food-grade nitrogen. The event marked the beginning of the collaboration between Isolcell and Caffè Borbone, a partnership that culminated in 2021 with the installation of the third group of 2D7 generators.

May 2021

Nitrogen Plant Expansion Addition of the third internal production unit.